Top Tips for Oral Health During Orthodontic Treatment

Has Dr. Hart fit you with braces, clear aligners, or Invisalign? Congrats! You’re on your way to an awesome smile. Many of our Murfreesboro and Gallatin patients ask about top tips for oral health during orthodontic treatment. Here are a few guidelines your Smiles from the Hart team wants you to keep in mind. 

Be a Sport

If your little one is dribbling down the basketball court or scoring goals on the soccer field, we have to talk about their smile. You wouldn’t send them into the game without their uniform, right? Well, think of a mouthguard as the uniform for their teeth—especially if they have braces.

A mouthguard is an all-star for protecting your little one’s pearly whites and the metal straightening them. It cushions any blows or falls, making sure the braces don’t get damaged and your kiddo’s mouth stays injury-free. Trust us, it’s a win-win!

Where can you snag this essential gear? Dr. Hart is a great starting point. She can help you find a mouthguard that fits just right, offering maximum protection without discomfort. Now, that’s what we call a slam dunk for oral health!

Say No to Sticky Stuff

While tasty treats might be fun to eat, they’re not exactly BFFs with braces. Imagine this: you bite into a sticky candy. Then, yikes! A bracket pops off, or a wire gets bent. Not the kind of surprise you want, is it?

Sticky foods and braces cannot hang together. Sugary sweets cling to metal braces and pull at the wires. Plus, they can even cause some absolute mayhem by breaking a bracket. And while our Smles from the Hart team love seeing you, fixing a broken bracket isn’t fun. 

What’s the game plan? It’s simple—swap out those sticky culprits for treats that are kinder to your braces. Think sliced fruits, cheese cubes, or even a smoothie. These are not only delicious but also give your braces a break. 

Remember, dietary restrictions like these don’t last forever. Once those braces come off, you can enjoy your favorite sugary treats in moderation. But for now, let’s keep it accessible on the braces and say a big “no thanks” to sticky stuff.


Soft Foods Rock

We get it—adjustment days can be a bit of a drag. Your mouth feels like it’s just run a mini-marathon, and even your favorite crunchy snacks seem like a challenge. But hey, this is where soft foods come to the rescue!

Soft foods work like a cozy blanket for your mouth. They’re easy to chew, gentle on your braces, and, let’s face it, they’re downright comforting. So, what’s on the menu? How about some creamy yogurt, smooth applesauce, or a bowl of warm pasta? These foods should go down without too much trouble.

And here’s a pro tip: use this time to explore new recipes. Ever tried a banana smoothie with a dash of cinnamon? Or how about mashed sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese? Get creative and make mealtime something to look forward to, even on sore days.

The next time your mouth’s feeling a little tender after an adjustment, remember soft foods are your friends. They’ll keep you and your braces happy, making your adjustment days much easier.

Bye-Bye Soda

We all love the fizz and pop of a cold soda, especially on a hot day. But here’s the thing: soda is not doing any favors for your teeth or braces. Those bubbles? They invite cavities. Moreover, they’re hard on your enamel.

Soda is packed with sugar and acids that can weaken your tooth enamel. And when you have braces, those nooks and crannies are havens for cavity-causing bacteria. Not cool, right?

So, what’s the alternative? How about a refreshing glass of water or a cold cup of milk? They’re great for your teeth and don’t cause drama for your braces. Water keeps everything clean, and milk is packed with calcium for strong teeth. Plus, they’re both super easy to find, whether you’re at home, school, or out and about.

Let’s make it a goal: say “bye-bye” to soda and “hello” to healthier, braces-friendly options. Your future smile will thank you!

Top Tips for Oral Health During Orthodontic Treatment

Brush, Brush, Brush

Mealtime’s over. Now you’re full and happy. But you still have a job to do! It’s time to give your toothbrush a little workout. Yep, we’re talking about brushing after every meal. 

With braces, food often gets trapped in all those wires and brackets. And trust us, you don’t want to find out what happens if it stays hidden for too long. Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty! Brushing after meals ensures that no food particles are left behind.

Here’s a quick tip: keep a travel toothbrush in your bag or desk. It makes brushing on-the-go a breeze. And remember to give your tongue and gums some love, too. They’re part of the smile squad!

Three meals a day means three brushing sessions. It’s the golden rule for a sparkling, healthy smile during your orthodontic adventure.

Keep it Small

Big bites might be tempting, but when you’ve got braces, you’ve got to think small. Imagine biting into a whole apple and hearing a “crunch” that’s too loud. Eek! That’s your braces telling you they’re not fans of big bites.

If you have braces, cut your food into smaller pieces. It makes chewing easier and lowers the risk of damaging your brackets or wires. For example, slice that apple into wedges. Or, cut corn off the cob. Smaller bites make life easier for you and your braces.

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