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Smiles from the Hart is where advanced orthodontic care meets compassion in the heart of Murfreesboro, TN. Led by the experienced and dedicated Dr. Hart, our practice is committed to transforming smiles and enhancing lives through personalized and innovative orthodontic solutions. Our mission is to provide exceptional care in a welcoming environment, ensuring every patient leaves with a smile they love.

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Dr. Katherine A. Hart Westphal

Dr. Hart was born and raised right here in Middle Tennessee, and that informs just about everything about her.

After graduating from Goodpasture Christian School just down the river in Madison, Dr. Hart enrolled at Western Kentucky University to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree. Then she was off to the prestigious dental program at the University of Tennessee, where she graduated with honors in 2009.

Because Dr. Hart was passionate about developing her education and expanding her skillset, she was naturally drawn to orthodontics, a highly specialized branch of dentistry requiring years of additional schooling.

After being accepted into the elite orthodontic residency program of the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center, Dr. Hart dedicated her life to the refinement of her craft.

Why Trust Your Smile to an Orthodontist Like Dr. Hart?

Orthodontic care goes beyond mere teeth straightening. It's about ensuring proper jaw alignment, optimal oral function, and, ultimately, a harmonious smile. Dentists are crucial for general oral health, but when it comes to orthodontics, the specialized training and expertise of an orthodontist are indispensable. Dr. Hart brings years of specialized education and hands-on experience in orthodontics, making Smiles from the Hart the go-to destination for orthodontic care in Murfreesboro, TN. Whether you're considering braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatments, Dr. Hart's expertise ensures you're in the best hands.

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Transformative Orthodontic Treatment at Smiles from the Hart

Orthodontic treatment offers a myriad of benefits that transcend the aesthetic improvement of your smile:

Health Benefits:

    • Improved oral hygiene and reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease thanks to easier cleaning and better access.
    • Enhanced biting and chewing abilities, contributing to better digestion and overall health.


Personal and Mental Wellbeing:

    • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem from a more attractive smile.
    • Positive impact on mental health by reducing insecurities related to dental imperfections.


Social and Professional Advantages:

    • Stronger first impressions, crucial in both personal and professional interactions.
    • Better opportunities in career advancement, as a confident smile is often associated with professionalism and competence.


At Smiles from the Hart, we believe in the power of a beautiful smile and its ability to transform your life. Dr. Hart is dedicated to creating customized treatment plans that align with your individual needs and goals, ensuring the journey to your perfect smile is smooth and fulfilling.

Orthodontist Murfreesboro TN 

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