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What is a Smile from the Heart?  

    A beautiful smile claims to make us more attractive, lower our blood pressure, and make us look younger.   A smile is also a universal calling card.  In all cultures a smile communicates feelings like; love, joy, gladness, happiness, self-confidence, and achievement.  An attractive smile has been associated with high self-esteem and success in the classroom and the business world.
    The heart in the human body is arguably our most important organ.  When it stops beating, we die within minutes.  The Bible uses the word “heart” between 700-1000 times depending on the translation.  The biblical “heart” refers to our soul, which encompasses our will, our mind, and our emotions.
    As patients, we hope to help you develop a smile that is truly from the heart.  Not just a beautiful cosmetic outcome, which is important, but we want to help you develop a connection between your smile and your heart.
    We believe a smile that truly comes from the heart is a gift from above.  The gift of God’s grace is the seed that produces the spiritual fruit of joy and love that can radiate from your “smile from the heart.”