Patient Testimonials


 What Our Patients are Saying


"As usual, you guys were magnificent! From the minute we step through the door and until we leave , we feel like we are with family during our appointments."  (Courtney D.) 

"It's so nice to be in a "dental" environment that Jackson didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay and has asked to go back since Monday...mainly for the hot chocolate. But anyway, he's had so many issues with his teeth, that his dental experiences have been overwhelming for him. So thank you, especially Mrs. Janet, for being so patient with him while taking his pix. I know he made you work for what you got that morning, but you were awesome! We'll see you again in 6mos!"

"My girls felt so comfortable there with the Smile team. Kayden was so excited. When she got home she told her Daddy all about the cookies and fish tank. Kayden told her Dad the Smile team is where she wants to go to fix her smile. Very pleased.  ( 10/1/15)"

"I LOVED how Dr. Sain talked TO my child instead of to me. Made my son feel very involved in his orthodontic care. Thanks for a great visit! We'll be back!"

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Sain and the Smile Team ... and also to Dr. Hart for joining a very professional and patient-focused practice.
Even though Tony and I may need no further orthodontic care, we are oftentimes asked who we would recommend as an orthodontist. We have always wholeheartedly recommended Dr. David Sain and Smile Team Orthodontics! Dr. David has always provided the highest quality of care starting with our children, Julie Goodwin and John Goodwin, many years ago and ending with husband Tony just last year! We are confident any orthodontist he has asked to join his team is very skilled and highly qualified. We also realize much prayer and discernment have gone into Dr. David's selection.

Again we congratulate everyone at Smile Team Orthodontics for the addition of Dr. Hart to the team.

Judy and Tony E. (January 2016)